Hernia Expert performing hernia surgery & hernia repair

Hernia Expert performing hernia surgery & hernia repair - A new perspective by Dr Iraniha

Hernia surgery is one of the oldest operations in the history of mankind. Over last 150 years the hernia repair has gone through significant changes and many techniques have been recommended to repair the different types of hernias by a hernia expert. However, even with our great understanding of the problems in regards to different types of hernias and also the remarkable advancement in technology, still there is no consensus of what the best way is to repair the hernias. For years open operation was the gold standard for hernia repair, but since thirty years ago when the minimally invasive surgery was initially introduced to surgical society, this approach has gained popularity among surgeons and population as a reasonable and safe way to repair the hernia defect. Now a days, the major plague of hernia repair is chronic pain and hernia recurrence. Since there are many types of hernias with different characteristics such as size, location and content, in different patients with completely different body habitues, anatomy and associated medical problems, choosing the correct operation is extremely crucial and needs to be done wisely based on the type of the hernia and individual circumstances of the patient. The goal is to minimize the pain and hernia recurrence. Therefore hernia repair should be done by a hernia expert.

Why a Hernia Expert?

Hernia expert is a surgeon who is dedicated his or her time and effort to perform hernia surgery and has expertise to perform open repair as well as laparoscopic and robotic hernia repair. The hernia expert is able to customize the best hernia repair option for that individual based on the patient`s hernia defect and its characteristics as well as patient`s other individual medical issues without any bias. Robotic hernia surgery is the new and exciting option to repair the hernia defect by a hernia expert. Robotic surgery similar to the laparoscopic surgery offers the patient less pain, faster recovery and return to work. Compare to laparoscopic technique, robotic platform with its wrested instrumentation and better visualization allows the hernia expert to perform the hernia repair with more precision and enable the surgeon to offer minimally invasive Laparoscopic hernia repair to more patients with even more complex hernia defects. However, this type of hernia repair also needs to be performed by a robotic hernia expert surgeon in order to decrease the risk of post-operative complications including recurrence of hernia.

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