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Why choose Total Hernia Repair Center?

At Total Hernia Repair Center, we believe each patient is unique and every hernia must be dealt with on an individual basis. We have expertise in the most advanced techniques of the hernia repair which allows us to select the best method for each patient`s specific needs. Our emphasis is placed on a durable repair with less discomfort and faster recovery.

Dr. Iraniha`s clinical interest and primary area of expertise is hernia repair. He has extensive experience in the newest and most advanced techniques for hernia repair, including robotic, laparoscopic and open hernia repair. He is one of the pioneers of performing robotic hernia repair in the United States. His skill and experience enable him to best manage even the very complicated and complex hernias for a complete, safe and durable repair. He is board certified surgeon and a fellow of American college of surgeon.

At Total Hernia Repair Center, our focus is on patient education, pain control and quick recovery. The education starts from the first visit and continues throughout the course of recovery to ensure the safe and smooth avenue to complete recovery with less pain and discomfort.

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