Potential Complications of Hernia

Potential Complications of Hernia and Pain Related

Hernias themselves are not dangerous nor are they life-threatening. However, hernias can lead to a number of problems such as groin pain, back pain, testicular pain, inner thigh pain, scrotal swelling, and intestinal obstruction. Rarely, untreated hernias can progress from intestinal obstruction to true vascular compromise of the intestinal tissues. When this occurs, it becomes a true surgical emergency resulting in the need for immediate emergency hernia surgery which may necessitate removal of a portion of the intestines which have become non-viable as a result of the vascular compromise. Therefore, hernias should be repaired upon diagnosis. Contact Dr Iraniha Hernia Specialist Potential Complications of Hernia include:

Pressure on surrounding tissues.

Most inguinal hernias enlarge over time if they're not repaired surgically. Hernias can put pressure on surrounding tissues including nerves and cause groin pain, testicular pain, or inner thigh pain. In men, large hernias may extend into the scrotum, causing pressure, pain and swelling.

Incarcerated hernia.

Hernia is a defect in the abdominal wall and anything or any situations associated with increase intra-abdominal pressure could have the potential of pushing the intra-abdominal organ through the defect and create entrapment (incarceration). The incarcerated structure could be intra-abdominal fat (omentum) which could cause severe pain and discomfort, or portion of intestine and cause intestinal obstruction.

Strangulated hernia.

The entrapment of a structure in the hernia defect could be associated with decrease blood circulation to the entrapped structure and cause strangulation. A strangulated hernia is life-threatening and requires immediate surgery and possibly removal of a portion of the non-viable intestines. Therefore, hernias should be repaired upon diagnosis

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