Standard Open Repair Without Mesh

Standard Open Hernia Repair Without Mesh

In some cases of abdominal wall hernias the defect could be repaired primarily with sutures without using a mesh. This technique allows the patient to avoid some of the complications associated with the mesh. However, it also could increase the risk of hernia recurrence. Dr Iraniha hernia repair specialist will make the decision to repair a hernia with or without a mesh based on the size of the hernia, the strength of muscle around the repair, risk of postoperative infection in the contaminated field and the overall condition of the patient.

Factors that determine the risk of recurrence of a hernia repair

There are many factors that determine the risk of recurrence of a hernia repair in a patient after primary repair of a hernia without mesh. These factors which include but not limited to size and location of hernia, age and other patient`s medical problems, smoking and patient level of activity. In the emergency conditions when there is higher risk of infection and the hernia defect is large enough that closer of the wound is not possible, there are different types of absorbable meshes that potentially could be used to assist the surgeon to close the defect and increase the tissue ingrowth and possibly decrease the risk of hernia recurrence. These meshes are absorbable and even in the presence of infection or contamination can be used.


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