California Hernia Repair Specialists

California Hernia Repair Specialists

“TOTAL HERNIA REPAIR CENTER” is a center of excellence for all types of hernia repair. The center is dedicated to offer the safest and most effective customized hernia repair for a durable result with less pain and faster recovery. Total Hernia Repair Center was founded by Dr. Andrew Iraniha who is a board certified, robotic and minimally invasive surgeon with substantial experience and special expertise in the latest and most advanced laparoscopy hernia repair techniques for hernia repair. The center is one of the best in terms of the California hernia repair specialists. There are many different types of hernias with varieties of hernia repair options and Dr. Andrew Iraniha who is a hernia expert in all types of available hernia repair, will perform a thorough examination and accurate diagnosis of the hernia and create a customize plan of treatment tailored for each individual. His goal as a California hernia repair specialists is reduction of the patient pain after the surgery, as well as quicker recovery and extremely low chance of the hernia recurrence.

Dr Iraniha, as California Hernia Repair Specialists comment on robotic hernia repair.

Recently robotic hernia repair has been gaining popularity among the patients and in the surgical societies and Dr. Andrew Iraniha is one of the pioneers of robotic hernia repair in United States. He applies his robotic surgical expertise to perform the hernia repair extremely precise with less surgical trauma.

Dr. Andrew Iraniha at Total Hernia Repair Center offers his services in different locations including Newport Beach, Irvine, and now at Victorville and Barstow.

To see what happens when high quality combines with an amazing care, come and meet the best California hernia repair specialists Dr. Andrew Iraniha for your hernia problems.
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California Hernia Repair Specialists


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