Robotic assisted TAPP ventral hernia repair with mesh

Robotic assisted TAPP ventral hernia repair with mesh by Dr. Iraniha Hernia Repair Specialist


This is a fifty seven years old male patient with history of a bulge in the mid abdomen. This is associated with pain and discomfort during activity and straining who found to have a large periumbilical ventral hernia with large diastasis recti. He underwent a robotic assisted Trans Abdominal Pre-Peritoneal (TAPP) ventral hernia repair with primary closure and placement of a mesh. The enhanced visualization, wrested instrumentation and superior dexterity of the robotic platform allowed the precise dissection, primary closure of the defect and placement of the mesh in the pre-peritoneal space. Dr Iraniha hernia repair specialist performed the surgery procedure in an outpatient setting and post-operatively, patient required just a few days of narcotics and pain killers. He had an excellent result functionally and cosmetically with no midline scar tissue and resumed his heavy activity and exercise 6 weeks after the surgery with no discomfort.

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