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Total Hernia Repair Center

The Total Hernia Repair Center, the one of the first center in the region dedicated to the repair of abdominal wall hernias. As a Center of Excellence, we specialize in the accurate diagnosis and complete repair of both simple and complex hernias. We use the most advanced technology and the latest robotic, laparoscopic and open techniques to provide the safest and most effective hernia surgery available.

At the Total Hernia Repair Center, we believe that effective surgical care begins at the time of the first visit. We pride ourselves on patient education and a surgical plan that is tailored to meet individual needs.

Our commitment is to provide the most comfortable and durable hernia repair. This requires a thorough evaluation of patient for accurate hernia diagnosis and a customized repair for each individual based on their age, general health, hernia type and physical demands in their daily life. There is a vast array of different techniques and devices used to repair hernias. At Total Hernia Repair Center, Dr. Iraniha has substantial experience with all of these hernia repair techniques. His experience and concern for his patient’s outcome play a critical role in the choice of surgical recommendation for a given individual.

This customized approach helps us to achieve a durable and comfortable outcome. Reduction of post-surgical pain, quick recovery and prevention of recurrence are the highest priorities for our center.

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